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Instrumentation Engineer PSF at ASC International


Desired Expertise:   Instrument & Controls Engineer, OPERCOM, FAT
Experience:   10+ years
Minimum Education:   Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location:   Lagos, Nigeria
Reference Code:   ASNJ16925791
Job Status:    Active / Open

Job Description:

Job Description

Description of the SERVICE:
The SERVICE consists of being the Company Representative for general instrument matters for PSF Team

Specific Activities:
* To follow-up PSF activities related to Instrumentation to ensure compliance with Company/Project specifications and with the requirements of the project and contract documentation, taking care to
* consider and facilitate Integration with other EPCs.
* Ensures that Contractor fulfils his obligations related with input to S4i Instrument database and compliance with methodology.
* Ensures compliance with codes and standards, especially those related to safety such as PSV testing, hydrostatic testing of hook-ups, stress calculations of thermowells, proper engineering design and checking methods, compliance with qualified vendors list etc.
* Ensures compliance with storage, preservation and protection requirements of instruments and instrument materials at site to avoid damage from hotworks or environmental conditions, etc.
* To follow-up procurement, construction, precommissioning, expediting, FAT for his discipline reporting on activities and progress, highlighting critical problems, non-conformance, drifts and dysfunction, takes care to meet OPERCOM requirements.
* Ensures interdisciplinary checking is performed, especially at sensitive interfaces such as between piping and instruments, anticipating problems and offering solutions.
* To control that contractor resources and organisation are adequate for achieving the discipline engineering and construction works.
* To evaluate his workload and request, if necessary, additional resources or means such as corporate expertise assistance via the engineering manager.
* To keep Project Technical Authority for instrumentation informed of main decisions/orientation and to coordinate for project directives to ensure homogeneous design and materials across EPCs and packages.
* To comment on Engineering and construction documents within allowed time and coordinate with other Company specialists.
* To liaise with other project Instrument specialists in order to ensure consistency of the work.
* To be involved in exemption or modification requests from CONTRACTOR and to answer technical queries.
* To organize weekly co-ordination meetings with Contractor and organise weekly site-tour with Contractor to inspect construction methods and materials and highlight problems at the earliest stage
* Covers role of ICSS/Packages Instrument specialist during periods of his absence or mission.

10+ years relevant experience in Oil & Gas industry
Experience with OPERCOM, FAT
Engineering degree
Fluency in English, knowledge of French



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