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Gas Export Line TIE-IN Engineer at Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Ltd


Desired Expertise:   Fabrication, Pipeline Engineering, Piping Engineer, Reporting Engineer, Piping Engineer
Experience:   5+ years
Minimum Education:   Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Salary:   Attractive and Competitive
Location:   Lagos, Nigeria
Reference Code:   ISCS-UFR-Tie-in Engineer -001
Employment Type:   Part Time Contractor
Job Status:    Active / Open

Job Description:
Team / Package: UFR

Reporting to: UFR Installation Leader

Project's Gas-Export line is to be connected to Gas-Export Line (GEL). The connection is to be done to sister-project's Gas-Export ITA (in-line Tee) through a "closing spool", which is fitted with a Cameron connector at ITA end. Project contemplates using material surplus available with Cameron, the SPS Contractor of DW-ECP (COMPANY's entity in charge of sister-project's works). The relevant installation Engineer shall follow this particular portion of scope.

The Gas-Export Tie-In Engineer will be eventually responsible for identification and delivery of all required spare-parts to enable UFR Contractor to do that connection. He will also supervise Project's UFR Contractor in its relevant scope of work. The material shall be sourced from Akpo Surplus in accordance with SPS/ DW-ECP frame agreement requirements; the spare-parts shall meet the technical requirements of sister project's ITA. The delivery schedule shall meet the requirements of project UFR fabrication and Installation, ensuring that all aspects of the EPCI works are accounted for in due time. This means:
Interfacing with DW-ECP for the supply of the spare-parts, checking the Engineering / Qualification / Procurement activities performed by SPS Contractor of DW-ECP.
Following up the Design, Assembly, Installation and Pre-commissioning activities related to the Gas-Export closing spool to be fabricated and installed by Project's UFR Contractor and managed by UFR inspection, construction and installation teams.
To meet this objective, the Gas-Export Tie-In Engineer will be in charge of:
Reviewing all relevant Engineering / Qualification / Procurement documentation, ensuring the adequate level of priority is given.
Ensuring that Engineering / Qualification / Procurement and pre-commissioning activities are performed in line with Contracts requirements and Project Specifications, all within project schedule
Ensuring that Engineering / Qualification / Procurement and pre-commissioning activities are performed in line with COMPANY General Specifications.
Ensuring that design and qualification outcomes/ constraints are adequately considered in due time for Procurement, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Installation and Pre-commissioning, and vice/ versa
Ensuring that for the Manufacturing and Fabrication of critical items, ITPs are reviewed in due time by the relevant parties and are given the right level of attention
Assisting Manufacturing, Fabrication, and Installation and Pre-commissioning activities and leading the resolution of technical issues when necessary. For that purpose several stays at SPS work shop, UFR fabrication yard and offshore shall be planned.
Ensuring that HSE requirements are taken into consideration during design
Getting assistance from dedicated Egina UFR Team specialists (such structural, material & welding, corrosion & coating, etc
Getting assistance from COMPANY specialists, or third parties, if required, for specific topics
Providing inputs to contract correspondence, as necessary
Issuing reports and presentations, as necessary
Participating in various technical reviews (Hazids, Hazops, Project Technical Reviews,...) and ensuring implementation of recommendations as necessary.

To ensure that all safety and environmental required studies will be reviewed/ updated and that final design will comply will ALARP policy.
To ensure that design will comply will all HSE requirements and that Safety and Environment dossiers will be provided to National Authorities in due time.

Reports directly to the UFR Installation and pre-commissioning Lead Engineer
Accountable for the delivery of the Cameron connection spare-parts, in accordance with Contract requirements, in particular technical/ HSE requirements, within schedule and without undue change to the scope.

Candidate's Profile:
Graduate degree in piping engineering discipline MANDATORY (copy of diploma to be provided) with MSc or equivalent. Pending experience candidates with BSc may be also given consideration
Junior Engineer with a prime experience in sub-sea fabrication work, including development of detail design specifications, follow-up of fabrication, pre-commissioning and installation activities.
Good knowledge of international design standards and COMPANY general specifications
Good sense of organization, ability to prioritize activities, to identify critical aspects, to propose way forwards, to lead specialists or third parties, to summarize and present complex interface matters
Some basic knowledge in structural work will be also valuable
Some basic knowledge in material, corrosion, coatings will be also valuable
Fluent in English both verbally and in writing.

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Location: Africa     

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