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Estymol Oil Services Limited Vacancy - Mud System Operator


Estymol Oil Services Limited, a growing offshore drilling company that provides global ultra-deep-water drilling services to the oil and natural gas industry, seeks to fill various vacant positions in their organization based in Nigeria.

Job Summary

Performs all tasks related to drilling fluid management including operating and maintaining drilling fluid pumping, treatment and mixing systems.

Assists also in the execution of all drilling operations for the main or auxiliary well centers as required by the client

Key Responsibilities:

* Actively participate in daily pre-tour meeting and pre-job meetings as often as required by the operations.
* Supervise the Pumphand, Floorhands and Roustabouts when they are involved in mixing operations.
* Ensure that operations are planned, organized, supervised and executed in accordance with well programs, rig move plans, Drilling requirements and contractual obligations.
* Perform the Mud Systems Operators daily checks i.e. QHSE checks, tank volumes, manifold line ups etc.
* Assist and relieve the Assistant Driller as required.
* Monitor the mud tanks during operations and report any unexplained tank level, or mud property changes to the Driller.Qualifications & Experience

* Three years offshore experience including time on a floating rig (preferably drillship).
* Basic computer skills
* Completion of all training and certification requirements for the Mud Systems Operator positionClosing Date:   2013-06-05

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