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PTDF Scholarship 2013/2014: It's Time To Start Preparing


PTDF Scholarship 2013/2014: It's Time To Start Preparing

Congratulations to everyone who was able to apply for the PTDF Scholarship 2013/2014. However, if you will not like to be caught unprepared - like I was, when they shortlist you for the test, then this topic is what you should see and actively participate in.

Now, you can be sure that you are about 30% a PTDF scholar which of course means the probability of not being a part of it is still very high.  Now I guess you will be asking yourself the question - then why should I continue reading this? Well the answer to your question is quite simple. It lies in the fact that, "he who fails to prepare is prepared to fail". This actually, in this context, means that, if you have to stand a chance of being a PTDF scholar, then there's need for you to get yourself fired up even for the unexpected. That's what I will say to that.

I've been fortunate to be a part of it a number of times and I will like to let you know that one major limitation I've constantly faced was that of having not prepared well for it as there are no shortcuts to these CBT tests - although there are a few tips that could get you on a track faster than you hoped. I will surely discuss thess in subsequent topics in this series

On one of those occasions that I've been fortunate to be called up for the tests, I had what I will call startling experience. I met a young lady (married) who told me something I thought about for a long time. She said, and I saw for myself, that she has been preparing for this year's tests since the last time she wrote the last test the previous year. I actually had some discussions with her and I couldn't help but just count her as already been a PTDF scholar. That makes the number of available seats -1. Funny. Isn't it.. I called her up when the results were released and she, just as I expected, was already a scholar.

I would not like to waste so much of your time on my personal experiences as I suspect you may already be getting bored. In just a moment we will get into the basics and what to expect in the PTDF Computer Based OSS Tests.

Now picture this, you get that important mail congratulating you on the success of your application and that you have been shortlisted to go in for the tests. Now, just this test stands between you and your dream of doing an MSc in UK. Less than 50% or thereabout  of the original applicants made this cut and for you it is massively a huge step forward.

Before we go on, we implore to disabuse your mind of our typical “Nigerian orientation” that you need “connection” to get through.  You must accept in your heart that you need to prove you are good enough to get through.

Having said that, we must also note that whether or not you succeed comes down to overall performance in your state. In other words, you may do very well and yet not pass or vice versa depending on overall performance in your state. Regardless, you must be committed to being the best. You must also consider that you must be good enough to succeed, no sentiments! So your standard must not be rival candidates from your state but the standard expected for excelling in a high profile test such as PTDF OSS test.

PTDF test is presently computer based. A quick advice here is that you have to be careful to ensure your computer do not go off during the test. If that happens that may be the end of your test as you may not be able to re login after restarting the computer. YOU CAN ONLY SIGN IN ONCE. DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE FROM THE BROWSER. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PAGE. IF YOU GO OFF MIDWAY, YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO LOGIN AGAIN SINCE YOUR NAME WOULD HAVE BEEN REGISTERED AS HAVING TAKEN THE TEST.

The test is in two parts - General and Technical knowledge. All the questions are multiple choice questions (like JAMB). In this next topic in this series, we will discuss Part 1, General Knowledge. Then and there you will get to know what to expect and how to get prepared.

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We wish you the very best in your preparations.
You are also very free to contribute to this topic if you know something you think people should know or you just want to express yourself.

In case you are not aware, PTDF means Petroleum Technology Development Fund


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