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Author Topic: PTDF Scholarship 2013/2014: It's Time To Start Preparing - Part 3  (Read 5486 times)

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PTDF Scholarship 2013/2014: It's Time To Start Preparing  - Technical Knowledge

In this part, I will write a little on technical knowledge section of the PTDF MSc scholarship aptitude test. This is actually because this section is more tailored towards specific fields. A good knowledge of the field you are trying to have PTDF send you for your MSc should make you go on with little hitches. To begin with, we will note that this years PTDF MSc cuts across the following technical areas:

1.      Asset Management (Engineering Asset Management)
2.      Basin Evolution and Dynamics
3.      Diving and Underwater Technology
4.      Energy Systems Engineering
5.      Environmental Engineering
6.      Environmental Remote Sensing
7.      Fire & Explosion Engineering
8.      Health Safety and Environment
9.      Marine Computational Fluid Dynamics
10.  Maritime Operations
11.  Occupational Health and Safety
12.  Offshore and Ocean Technology
13.  Offshore Engineering
14.  Pipeline Engineering
15.  Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
16.  Refinery Design and Operations
17.  Subsea Engineering
18.  Thermal Power (Gas Turbine Option)
19.  Welding Engineering
20.  Design of Rotating Machines
21.  Control Systems
22.  Hydraulic Engineering
23.  Fluid Mechanics and Energetics

Like I said earlier, the technical knowledge section comprises of questions derived from the technical area you selected during your application. Majority of the technical areas are hardcore engineering. As a result, most of them will include questions drawn from basic engineering, science and mathematics.  Something you should also note is that one of the simplest and easiest way to get through is by going for Safety related disciplines - at least you will be a little safe as the questions are less of calculations. You can even answer some of the questions by good thinking and analysis. In other words, I advice that you play safe.

The big question however, regardless of what you choose still remains, how do I prepare?

Your preparation for this section should be driven by your area of interest.

Next in this series, we will provide you with questions from the past - I meant to say PTDF Past Questions, to get you prepared for the tests.

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Go to Part 1
Go to Part 2
Go to Past Questions

We wish you the very best in your preparations.
You are also very free to contribute to this topic if you know something you think people should know or you just want to express yourself.

In case you are not aware, PTDF means Petroleum Technology Development Fund
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