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PTDF Scholarship 2013/2014: It's Time To Start Preparing - Part 2


PTDF Scholarship 2013/2014: It's Time To Start Preparing  - General Knowledge

The general knowledge part is drawn from current affairs, quantitative and basic English. This section (general knowledge) will give you a huge chance to nail the test. The questions are simple and straight to the point. So you can finish before the limited time expires. The last time I sat for the test, I actually finished several minutes before the end.

The big question, how do I prepare?

Current Affairs
The current affairs comes from angles you may never expect.

As a teaser, try answering the following questions which are drawn from past PTDF tests

Which artist is behind the famous Mona Lisa portrait?

How many times did the Super Falcons win the Female African Nations Cup?

Which state in Nigeria do you find Kastina Ala?

Which Coach led Super Eagles to World Cup 1998?

Which year did Oil prospecting start in Nigeria?

The first commercial deep water oil discovery in Nigeria is….

What is a pack of horses called?

Third longest river in Africa is ……………..

Did you answer all correctly within 3 mins or less? To help yourself, identify the areas to prepare such as:

Read up world cup history and Nigeria participation. What do you look for? Coaches that led Nigerian team, their captains, what stage of the tournament did Nigeria get to and where was the tournament hosted. Look for key records such as country that have lifted the world cup more etc.Also take note of who FIFA’s president is, where their headquarters is, full meaning of FIFA and any other thing that crosses your mind. Do same for other tournaments (UEFA, EUROPA, etc). Also, do some research on Olympics and commonwealth games. A quick question which city hosted the last Winter Olympics (If you answered London that will be F9 for you). Don’t forget other major sporting events like tennis e.g all time highest grand slam holder in tennis? how many grand slam event in tennis?

Nigerias political history and people presently in government. UN and other international orgnaisations (take note of their leaders and where their headquarters are). Number of LG in Nigeria and state creation, noting the govt in power when they were created. Look up key cities in different states in Nigeria and scan through cities in the world and the countries they are (In 2010 PTDF, there was a question: Which country is the city of Timbuktu? Did you answer that?)

Also try and get some information about different countries, capitals, independence year, presidents. and a host of other things. Imagine a question like - when did Argentina gain independence? (2011).

Oil and gas:
History of oil and gas production in Nigeria. When was oil first exported in Nigeria? (PTDF 2009). whats OML License? what is a marginal field? among others. How many oil export terminals do we have in Nigeria? who are the owners of these terminals? LNG exporting in Nigeria started in…..?who is representing Nigeria in OPEC? Who is OPEC leader? where is OPEC headquarters? when did Nigeria join OPEC? Who is minister of petroleum? and many more…..this will give you a picture of what to expect.

I will also advice that you get some info about animals. the female, male young one, group, the sound they make and so on. Read as wild as possible.

Other questions in this section will be drawn from maths and basic English. Simple statistics, quadratic equations, word problems in mathematics etc. Basic English: you code all those “Fill in  the blank spaces” kind of questions like “obi — a boy”. We are thinking that JAMB will be a good preparatory for the English and Maths sections. Don’t go hard on that. The questions on this section are quite simple and with good preparation can see you finish it in style.

PTDF will be spending about 8 million naira on you during your stay in UK. So its really hard. You have to work for it, No sentiments!.

In this next topic in this series, we will discuss Part 2, Technical Knowledge. Then and there you will get to know what to expect and how to get prepared.

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We wish you the very best in your preparations.
You are also very free to contribute to this topic if you know something you think people should know or you just want to express yourself.

In case you are not aware, PTDF means Petroleum Technology Development Fund

Pls moderator, do U have past NDDC scholarship past Question? I'm preparing for the apptitude test and would be glad if I could get a study guide of some sort. I must commend U for ur good work here that's and good luck.


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