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General Discussion / Re: Nigerian Full Service Internet Digital Marketing Agency
« Last post by chikito on December 08, 2017, 02:11:57 PM »
Our days kingdom is the Internet. Begin a big population on this resourse because there are is possible to find many things. This kingdom how said in nigeria news today consists of large parts information. There is an interesting portal Nigeria News on which you will find from news to the review of mobile devices. You will pass somehow by, call on, there you are waited and it will be pleasant.

What exactly are you talking about? Internet digital marketing agency the thread is talking about or something else?
General Discussion / Nigerian health care digital marketing and social media
« Last post by chikito on December 08, 2017, 02:08:38 PM »

 Nigerian health care digital marketing and social media service provider AdHang is a healthcare communications agency with expertise in medical and healthcare digital marketing. This post is created to enable health care companies find out how AdHang can help. Whether health care products are prescriptions or over the counter products, AdHang has health care digital marketing and social media solutions in Nigeria to achieve the marketing objectives and goals.

Before I list the objectives AdHang can help your company achieve. If this is the first time of coming across the agency AdHang.  AdHang is the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa,  a world-class, Africa’s based digital marketing and social media  agency, manned by stimization and targeting experts in the digital and social media marketing industry, armed with the very best and most advanced, comprehensive and robust set of technologies and tools. AdHang using its over ten years experience in digital marketing across Africa has helped many health care products dealers across the globe to reach Nigerian health care marketplace.

There are numerous health care digital marketing and social media objectives AdHang can help you achieve when hired. Listed below are some of the objectives:

1. Create your health care brand awareness across Nigeria.
2. Stimulate the company’s health care brands demand across Nigeria.
4. Educating doctors, pharmacists, wholesalers and distributors about your brand.
5. Establish your health care brand as a leader and trusted source.
6. Inform - raising awareness of the brand’s solutions and establishing a competitive advantage in the Nigerian health care sector.
7. Persuade – generating response (driving sales, distributors signups, health care stores buying, etc.)
8. Remind - to maintain interest and enthusiasm of the health care brand to physicians, clinics, hotel clubs, hospitals, medicine distributors and health care stores across 36 states in Nigeria.
The list can go on and on, depends on what is important to the company at any momenportant to the company at any moment.

Nigerian health care digital marketing and social media service provider AdHang understands that digital marketing and social media of health care products are different from other types of products and services as there are series of rules and regulations to maintain from online platforms, regulatory bodies such as NAFDAC, FDA, among others.  AdHang the one and only health care digital marketing and social media agency located in Nigeria has the experience, professionals, strategic and tactical approach to enlighten and engage millions of Nigerian buyers and potential customers all over the Nigerian states.  AdHang will plan all the digital marketing and social media creative works, create adverts:  create all the digital advertising tools such as online banners,  advertising articles, email marketing, headlines, info-graph,  demo and explainer videos, online presentations, contextual ads and many more.

For complete approach and steps AdHang takes to carry out Nigeria health care digital marketing and social media service, click here to see the details.

The first Nigerian health care internet digital marketing and online social media service provider.
Events / Event Internet advertising Agency in Nigeria
« Last post by chikito on December 08, 2017, 02:05:18 PM »

Event Internet advertising Agency in Nigeria AdHang is a solution for promoting an event in any state in Nigeria. Until huge number of participants attends your event, the event can amount to waste of time and money. To ensure that your event reach millions of people across any region requires serous internet advertising from experts, and that is what AdHang a Nigeria leading event internet advertising agency can offer.

AdHang has years of experience in promoting event in Nigeria and across Africa. Some of events AdHang can help you promote are carnival, concert, and crusade, training event, seminar, festival, and anniversary and soccer game.  You are an expert at creating amazing event and providing exceptional values. AdHang event internet advertising team members are the experts at bringing you people who are looking for what your event offers, be it entertainment, education or opportunities.

Event internet advertising agency in Nigeria AdHang when hired will carry out all the event planning publicity, design all the needed internet advertising materials such as headline, banners, commercial videos, email and so on. Then, selects and pays the platforms where your event internet advertising will use as channels to reach millions of Nigerians. Tens of thousands of potential event participants will be reached at home on their computers; they're logged in to a library computer, phablet or on their smart phones, or on laptops in coffee shops, on the road, at work or at the weekend soccer game. The event internet advertising will appear above, below, alongside and even in the middle of webpage content, and will be found across every imaginable style and type of platforms.

It is important to note that AdHang follows international event internet advertising best practice and standard. It ensures that your event is promoted in such manners that build credibility and fosters trust by the target audience and Nigeria’s general public. has managed to pull in the most innovative minds from across the industry! Watch them reach the most relevant audiences that matter in your objectives across Nigeria faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Finally, event internet advertising agency in Nigeria AdHang has robust set of tools, awareness technologies and committed event promoters to dedicate to your event internet advertising success around the clock. Your event internet advertising from planning, creating of internet advertising formats, selecting platforms, deploying creative materials to running the event internet advertising will be 100% embarked on by AdHang team. For complete approach visit

« Last post by kavindoc on December 01, 2017, 11:50:50 PM »
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3- Last but not the least we can provide Question papers for future test
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Vacancies / “JOBS FOR – Hotel in Canada” with citizen permit
« Last post by kavindoc on December 01, 2017, 11:46:59 PM »
Canadian Citizenship workshop...WhatApp>>>>>>> +237680895076

Information to get you started on your Canadian citizenship application.

Learn about recent changes to the Citizenship Act and how this affects
your application.This workshop is targeted to Permanent Residents of

Presented by Revelstoke Settlement Services, funded by Immigration
Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Please reply to this ad for more


Canada Work Permit

“JOBS FOR – Hotel in Canada” with citizen permit

Responsibility: Waiters/Cook Helper/Cleaners/Drivers
CONTRACT:       2 years
SALARY: Ca$35 per hour
OVER TIME:      Ca$50 per hour
ACCOMODATION:   provided
INSURANCE & Pension:    To According to Canadian labor law
Air ticket: Provides (50%)
Vacation: 28.5 days every year
Transportation: Provided
Medical: Provided
Other benefits: Family status, group benefits and other fringe benefits

Qualification: Minimum Metric
Original Passport. / NIC
4 Photographs (Passport size, white back ground)
Eligibility: Minimum 18 to 45 years old.
Processing Time: Time Period (Processing) 04 Months

We Provide Visa Assistance
Be It a Business Meeting, Study, Work or a Leisure Holiday we provide
assistance to get you the visa

Our Assistance

Free Assessment and Evaluation
Documents Verification
Application Form Filling
Scheduling Appointment with Embassy
Provide Ticket , Hotel,Insurance Voucher

Visas are subject to approval from respected Embassy we will give our
best to get it approved
If you have any questions feel free to contact us !!!

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« Last post by akachianyim on November 13, 2017, 03:28:31 PM »
Deslog Energy Services Limited in partnership with Great Wall Drilling company Abu Dhabi (a member of IADC & IWCF) and World Safety Organization (WSO) USA is proud to present to all Nigerians this wonderful opportunity to advance their career and acquire professional Health Safety and Environment (HSE) training, international certifications, including other professional courses that will definitely guarantee their chances of employment into any sector of the economy; more especially in the oil & gas industry within and outside Nigeria. The training will also increase the safety consciousness of the already employed ones which will in-turn reduce lost man hour and increase productivity.

The objective of this program is to train and produce competent HSE Officers, Supervisors, Managers, Advisors, and other safety practitioners and document control specialist who can successfully fit into the affairs of Oil & Gas Exploration, Drilling and Servicing Industry, Construction Industry, Marine Logistics, IT, Manufacturing and other industries at competitive price you can never find elsewhere.
Interested persons should call 07033847973 or visit
General Discussion / 70 Work From Home Job For Nigerian That Pays $45 - $125 Per Hour
« Last post by pintogen on November 03, 2017, 05:13:34 PM »



Who can Apply? Employees, Self Employee, Job Seekers, SME's, Mothers, Fathers, etc





Package Contents

1. 70 Legitimate Companies Recruiting workers from home

2. Website and Contact Information of Companies

3. Resources to help you get started with your daily task

4. Work from home Softwares & apps

Job Type

1. Online Survey Job ($10 - $25 Per Survey)

2. Online Writing Job ($20 - $125 Per Articles)

3. Online Website / Apps / Software Testing Job ($5 - $15 Per Test)

4. Online Translation Job ($35 - $45 Per Translation)

5. Online Review Job ($12 - $55 Per Review)

6. Online Reading Job ($2.5 - $22 Per Post Reading)

7. Online E-mail Read Job ($15 - $25 Per E-mail)

8. Online Typing / Article Writing Job ($45 - $150 Per Articles)

9. Online Transcribing Job ($55 - $75 Per Transcription)

10. Online Ad Posting Job ($1.5 - $7 Per Ad Post)

11. Online Clicking Job ($20 - $125 Per Articles)

12. Online Download Job ($1 - $5 Per Download)

and lots of more Jobs...

Job Requirement

1. Mobile Phone or Laptop

2. Internet Connection

3. WebCam  / Phone Camera / Laptop Camera (Optional)

Time of Work
Monday - Sunday

General Discussion / NIPEX CONSULTANCY
« Last post by PREMIUM PRAXIS on October 14, 2017, 07:53:01 AM »
NIPEX is the Nigerian Oil and gas Exchange platform where multi-million dollar projects by International Oil Companies are advertised for Local content development in the Nigerian oil and Gas Industry. Your firm can participate by being registered on the NIPEX portal and we understand that this takes a lot of process, valuable time, and bureaucratic constraints. This is where we come in. PREMIUM PRAXIS NIGERIA LIMITED can assist your firm to be registered and fully participate in the Multi-million dollar Oil and Gas projects in Nigeria. Our Expertise, Experience, and Speedy response clearly makes us your preferred choice. We look forward to partnering with you. For enquiries, please call Azuka on 08080133153. Thanks
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