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Oil & Gas / What is the maximum pressure a thread can go without failure
« on: October 16, 2014, 10:42:33 AM »
Hello all,
Please can anyone help me with the maximum pressure a 3/4" SS 316 3000 NPT thread can go without failure.

I will appreciate your response

Norway's Statoil reported Friday that it has made gas and oil discoveries at the Valemon Nord prospect in the North Sea, some 100 miles northwest of Bergen in the North Sea.

Statoil estimates the total volumes found at Valemon North to be in the range of 20 to 75 million barrels of recoverable oil equivalent. The main well (34/10-54 S) proved a gross 538-foot gas/condensate and oil column in a Middle Jurassic Brent Group reservoir.

The sidetrack well (34/10-54 A) proved a 328-foot gas/condensate column in the Brent Group and in sand of unspecified Jurassic age as well as an additional gross 460-foot gas/condensate column in the Statfjord Group. Gas/condensate was also found in the Middle Jurassic Cook Formation.

"We are very satisfied with making a new discovery in the close proximity of the Valemon gas and condensate field currently under development," Irene Rummelhoff, Statoil Senior Vice President of Exploration for Norway, said in a company statement. 

"By proving additional volumes in the area we increase the reserves base in the Valemon Unit area and add value to the Valemon field development." The Valemon field, discovered in 1985, is one of Statoilís largest ongoing development projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, with recoverable resources estimated at 206 million barrels of oil equivalent.

The Valemon Nord wells were drilled by the Transocean Leader (mid-water semisub) rig. Statoil is the operator of the Valemon Unit area, with a 53.775-percent interest. Partners include Petoro, Centrica Resources and A/S Norske Shell, which hold 30 percent, 13 percent and 3.225 percent respectively.

An operator based in Nigeria with extensive growth plans is seeking Senior Production Engineers to join their team in Lagos to assist in the production optimisation of assets from reservoir to surface facility.

Excellent opportunity to work on onshore, swamp and offshore greenfield and brownfield assets.

* Actively optimize daily production rates from ESP, rod pump, and gas lift wells. * Analyze well tests and make recommendations for improving the performance of individual wells - pump upgrade, re-completion, re-perf, re-frac, etc.
* Artificial lift design, monitoring, installation, troubleshooting, and optimizing.
* Artificial lift run-time improvement: analyze failure reports for electric submersible, sucker rod pumps and gas lift wells and make recommendations for improvement.
* Recommend and review fracture stimulation programs and jobs and monitor performance of service companies to improve.
* Review workover, completion, and re-completion programs and schedule jobs. * Actively support the vendor selection and tendering process.

The ideal candidate will have extensive regional experience.

Click here to apply now

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