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Author Topic: Want to Make Quick Ca$h from Kerosene Business in Nigeria…???  (Read 4601 times)

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Want to Make Quick Ca$h from Kerosene Business in Nigeria…???
« on: October 21, 2014, 12:59:38 PM »
Just in case you don’t know, Kerosene is one of the most essential petroleum
products in Nigeria, and it is used extensively in both rural and urban areas.
Almost every home makes use of Kerosene in Nigeria in one way or the other,
and that’s why people always experience hardship whenever the price rises up.

Kerosene is equally one of the petroleum products in Nigeria that makes huge money for the Oil and Gas entrepreneurs. People are said to be making millions of naira in the business everyday and from my findings, I can tell you it is a business that is worth investing into.  It is so lucrative that you can make your entire investment capital back from your first sales!

Why is Kerosene business very lucrative in Nigeria?

One basic reason for the profitability of Kerosene is the high demand for the
product caused by the very high population of low income earners in Nigeria.

Take this for instance: In Nigeria alone, we consume over 11,000,000
litres of Kerosene EVERY SINGLE DAY, and guess what?  The DEMAND
can only get higher and HIGHER because of the ever-increasing nature of nation.

Another reason is lack of proper supply of electricity in Nigeria. Most homes
depend heavily on Kerosene for their cooking and other home energy
related purposes and therefore, they CAN’T DO WITHOUT kerosene.

Because it is a product that is in HIGH DEMAND, all the Dealers in this Kerosene Business are making quick sales and return back for another round of supply. The result is that they make MORE and MORE PROFITS as our population keeps increasing.

The disparity in the product pricing is probably the biggest reason why Kerosene business is very lucrative. Most people are ignorant of the real official price of DPK (another name for Kerosene) but the Insider Dealers know the actual price and they are cashing BIG from people’s ignorance to make HUGE PROFITS, even if it is unjustified. 

O boy, you better join us now before the DOOR is finally CLOSED to ordinary folks like you.

Now, just before I sign out, let me quickly reveal this INSIDER
INFORMATION to you (please, don’t tell anybody out there ooO).

Kerosene is officially sold at N50 by the NNPC. From NNPC, you can land the product at unit cost of N50 per litre and sell for N100 per litre to outsiders, like your neighbours, all the people in your community, etc. and before you know what’s happening, all the Petrol Stations in your area will start envying you.

You know WHY?

Because they currently sell their own Kerosene for N135 per litre while you sell your own for just N100 per litre……………… who do you think people will be
rushing and falling over themselves to buy from? You or the Petrol Stations?

I’m sure you know the answer?

All you need to do is to know your way, which is what filling station owners and other dealers do. Though, I don't support sharp practices and taking advantage of people’s ignorance but that isn't my duty to control, it is the duty of the Government and the price regulatory body.

If you lift 10,000 litres of Herosene from the NNPC or other major dealers @
N50 per litre and sell for N100 per litre and gain at least N50 per litre, you will
gain N50 x 10,000 = N500,000. A dealer recently confirmed that they make
N1,900,000 profit from every 33,000 litres of Kerosene, just from ONE DEAL alone?

What you need to get into this business?

Kerosene business is one of the easiest businesses to start and the capital requirement is very small, compared to other Oil and Gas related businesses. Everything put together may not cost more than N20,000 to N1,000,000 depending on the level you want to start from.

Here are some of the things you need to get you started as soon as you want…

1. Business Location - Since the sale will be from the surface tank,
you will need a business place or location where you can put your tank.

Any place where there is reasonable population of people is ideal for this business. It could just be in front of your resident or the nearest major road side. If it is in front of your resident, you wouldn't need to spend extra money for the rent.

In whichever way, you may just budget N30,000 at most for that.
In some cases, you may even get it for free depending on who you know.

2. Surface Tank - The Welders will construct a very good surface tank for you.
Look for a very good welder that is not far from the proposed business location to ease the cost of transporting the tank. Construct 10,000 litres volume tank but let them make it 10,500 litres to be able to accommodate all your Kerosene.

You can do 15,000 litres if you want. It wouldn't cost you more than N100,000. Make sure it is properly welded to avoid leakage. Coat the inside and outside against rust, the welder will do that as well.

3. Source Your Kerosene - Independent Marketers control more than 60% of Kerosene sales, while NNPC controls maybe 40% of the sales through the Pipeline and Product Marketing Company, a subsidiary of NNPC. You can buy directly from the source.

You can also get the product from other Independent Marketers for around N70 per litre, and sell it for any amount you want. There are other countless sources where you can buy Kerosene from, but beware of adulterated product. You may be arrested if the Kerosene gets exploded in people’s homes.   

In CONCLUSION, if you really want to venture into this Highly-Lucrative Business Opportunity WITHOUT spending a kobo from your pocket, I will advise you to quickly download www.tinyurl.com/OilAndGasQuickCash before it’s too late.

Now it’s up to you to get this plan and put it into action immediately.
In the words of Mark Twain, “There are a thousand excuses for failure but
none is never a good reason”. Your Decision Determines Your Destiny!

Please, be reminded that our Community Development and Empowerment Fanpage, www.Facebook.com/FreeMillionairesClub is committed to bringing you the best investment options and wealth-generating opportunities from-time-to-time, where you can put your money or knowledge in order to make safe returns on investment and profit from your income, salary, cash, revenue or personal savings.

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