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100 oil, gas firms seek foreign direct investment in Nigeria


OVER 100 companies operating in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector are seeking new business deal through foreign direct investment in the country’s oil industry.

The Nigerian participants at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), which starts Monday in Houston, Texas, United States of America, believe that the conference afford them great opportunities to partner U.S. inestors.

Among the Nigerian oil companies taking part in this year’s conference, are the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Nigerian Content Development Board, Orlean Invest West Africa, Petroleum Development Fund, Oilserve, Nestoil, Oil Data, among others.

Besides, the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) is leading several Nigerian companies to be part of the robust contingent to underscore the dynamism and potential of Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry. Over 2000 industry leaders either from Nigeria or with interest in the Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria usually attend this event every year.

The Chairman of PETAN, Emeka Ene, told journalists in Houston, Sunday, that the agency was able to bring 50 of its members to the conference out of over 60 of members who signified interest to participate in the conference.

According to him, PETAN was only able to bring 50 members to participate in the conference due to lack of space for all the Nigerian companies.

He stated: “We have sixty PETAN members and due to lack of space we were not able to accommodate all our members who signified interest in taking part in this year’s conference.  Right now, we have 50 of our members in attendance. Beyond PETAN members, we have at least another fifty Nigerian exhibitors.  So, in all, there are over 100   Nigerian companies exhibiting in this year’s offshore technology conference”.

Ene said the conference would create opportunities to attract foreign direct investment to the country’s oil and gas sector. “What has happened is that the OTC pavilion has become a very viable platform for exhibitors to showcase what they are doing in the industry and also to attract investors to invest in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.  It is a very good platform for striking new business deal.  Apart from that, it has really portrayed Nigeria in a very positive light.

“The conference has created opportunity for people to meet and interact with serious Nigeria players, business men, entrepreneurs, technocrats who have been in business for many decades and this is why PETAN is taking this extra step to bring Nigerian companies to exhibit and make new business negotiations.

“We have arranged elaborate programme through the OTC week.  We are having plenary session where the issues concerning Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) would be discussed.  We are going to be having a workshop with Nigerian oil professionals abroad to discuss the issues in the country’s oil and gas industry. We have arranged ways and means to create a platform for Nigerians to interact concerning the issues in the oil and gas sector”, he added.


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