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Author Topic: Why Non destructive testing is so important?  (Read 1236 times)

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Why Non destructive testing is so important?
« on: April 30, 2013, 10:59:32 AM »
There are various methods used in non destructive testing for identifying the flaws and damage which is essential for any industrial plant inspection. In non destructive testing all the tests are carried out without altering any material. Experts will not cut or scratch the surface to carry out this type of test successfully. There are many types of NDT without altering the materials in any way. Such tests are vital when the aesthetic appearance is important.

In other occurrences when there are hazardous materials in question this test can provide a good solution. Non destructive testing is generally a part of the industrial maintenance work which ensures that the plant is in good working condition. Results of this test ensure whether the plant should temporarily suspend operations or there is need for complete overhaul.

With non destructive testing engineers ascertain whether there is any damage or flaw in the machinery. There are various measurements taken to come up with a result. Temperature and pressure are two parameters that are not taken into consideration while looking for the flaws. There is measurements for physical property which brings to the fore any irregularity or chances of damage.

NDT is conducted without hampering the physical aspects of any equipment. This makes sure all equipment is secured for future use. Non destructive testing uses various medical equipments to come up with results. Medical applications such as endoscopes, x-rays or ultrasound scanning are used to examine the equipments minutely. Other testing applications used to provide results are radar and sonar. These instruments are commonly used to map ocean bottoms and river bottoms. These are important instruments for inspecting dams. 

Does non destructive testing really not alter materials? As per the theory when any tests are conducted on a material it is sure to be altered. Even radiations cause minute changes in the molecular or atomic level. These changes are not visible to human eyes. Experts believe though there are negligible changes in the material but it will not be affected depending on various other factors like frequency of testing. On the other hand other experts believe that there is no testing process which is non destructive. They feel that even if a minute sample is taken it will definitely alter the composition of the material.

Leaving this controversy apart, it is generally believed that non destructive testing will not hamper the material or equipment after the tests have been carried out. This test is not restricted to checking structural anomalies or cracks on the surface. There are various other irregularities which non destructive testing brings to the fore. Information about lifespan of any material and its susceptibility towards damage can be identified. With radiation scanning the experts are able to decipher presence of impurities that adversely affect the functioning of any material. 

As you can see NDT is required for more reasons than one. In order to be an expert in this field there is intensive training required. Lavender International offers NDT training courses. These are employer based certification courses. There are courses for different levels. NDT training courses at Lavender International are based on practical exercises. There are experts trainers who will provide their students with an edge over other competitors.

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Why Non destructive testing is so important?
« on: April 30, 2013, 10:59:32 AM »


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