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Author Topic: Establishing Energy As Enterprise Currency- Minimizing Expenses & Risks  (Read 1049 times)

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CFOs and CEOs today face increasing expense burdens. Rising energy costs—one of the fastest growing expenses—can account for up to 80% of operating and maintenance expenditures. Tighter regulatory compliance mandates on greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and water across global assets also add to their growing concerns.

Organizations are continuously looking for ways to boost the bottom line. Identifying energy inefficiencies as well as opportunities to improve operational efficiencies needs to be a primary objective in order to drive down expenses, meet regulatory standards, and remain competitive.

The organization needs to focus on better understanding energy demands and conservation capabilities, including changing various behaviors, and developing and communicating a comprehensive sustainability strategy throughout the enterprise.

Until recently, many companies managed energy in a highly fragmented way, where the accountability and responsibility of energy were not aligned within the organization to create an energy “owner.” To determine the causes of energy waste and expense in a timely way, and to enact programs to reduce or prevent them, organizations must have systematic procedures to determine energy usage of their operating assets as an integral part of their day-to-day enterprise asset management.

A bottom-up approach beginning with the facility and equipment has replaced the traditional top-down, financial perspective—analyze all costs, including utility bills, maintenance and repair costs, replacement expenses, and other quantitative values to configure the energy usage factor in managing assets.

This new approach reveals valuable qualitative information on the nature of energy usage, painting a true picture of the sustainability of assets that organizations can use to improve asset performance, reduce costs, and comply with environmental mandates.

This paper addresses how organizations can create a viable method for establishing a strategy, program, and culture of managing energy usage of assets that is accurate, repeatable, timely, and cost-effective—financially and environmentally—to establish energy as an enterprise currency.

The paper also describes an end-to-end environmental and energy technology platform that meets most of the ISO standard management elements so that companies can fully manage their sustainability, energy consumption, and the asset and operating infrastructure to align accountability and responsibility within the organization.

Get the full white paper here
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