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Author Topic: Pipeline Contractors Play Vital Role in Nation's Infrastructure  (Read 1098 times)

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Pipeline contractors use an assortment of strategies when installing underground pipeline networks. The kind of pipe utilized will depend on the type of construction job. Oil and gas pipeline is considerably different than sewer pipes or storm drainage systems; although the installation process might be very similar.

Pipeline contractors manage the installation process from beginning to end. Once blueprints are supplied, contractors make use of subsurface utility engineering SUE to find previously installed pipelines and utilities.

Upon identifying existing pipes, contractors prepare the land by removing landscape or building materials. Next, the terrain is graded to supply a visual blueprint for trenching crews. Once trenches are dug, crews weld pipe sections together to develop a pipeline system.

The network of pipes is carefully positioned into trenches. Afterward, pipes must be tested for leaks and to assure they have structural integrity to work at full capacity. When testing procedures pass, pipeline contractors commence with restoring the land.

Pipeline networks are placed into five different classifications that include: residential, commercial, municipal, institutional, and industrial. Each classification requires employing services of pipeline construction contractors to manufacture and install the system. It is imperative to employ contractors that are skilled in the specific field.
Pipeline construction is an essential component of our country. The massive pipeline network that stretches across the nation helps to transport materials that make our lives considerably easier and more efficient.

Petroleum pipelines supply us with fuel for cars, semi trucks, farming equipment, trains, buses, and airplanes. Water pipelines provide fresh water into residential communities, business offices, healthcare facilities, and schools.
Sewer pipeline carries away waste and contaminants from our homes, while storm water drainage systems help to prevent flooding in residential communities, parking lots, roads, and highways.

Pipeline construction companies usually specialize in one classification, but some are experienced in multiple classifications. While there are a few contractors that are capable of installing every kind of pipeline, the majority focus on either dry utility or wet utility construction.

Dry utility pipeline construction includes jobs that pertain to communications systems, natural gas, and electrical utilities. While communications and electrical systems aren't technically pipelines, electrical conduit and fiber optics are protected in under or aboveground utility systems. Safeguarding utilities and communications systems is vital so that communities do not encounter interruption in services, as well as to assure public safety.

Wet utility pipeline construction involves projects related to transporting liquid products. These include: petroleum-based products, oil, gas, sewer pipeline, water pipeline, fireline, and storm water drainage systems.

It is vital to employ the services of respected pipeline contractors to ensure satisfactory completion of required tasks, as well as workplace safety. Contractors must comply with state and federal regulations and construction safety guidelines and carry adequate insurance and appropriate licenses and permits

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