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Author Topic: Oil Spill Preparedness, Response and Recovery MENA 2013 Abu-Dhabi, UAE  (Read 1374 times)

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Oil Spill Preparedness, Response and Recovery MENA 2013 Abu-Dhabi, UAE

Oil spills, across the world, are a major source of adverse environmental effects and pose huge financial burden to all parties involved. E&P operators, refineries, ports and shipping companies are the main culprits for oil spills and the onus is on them to be better prepared to prevent spillage of oil and other hazmat (hazardous materials). Itís also their responsibility to improve response operations to minimise impact on local environment, whether onshore or offshore.

A lot of regulations, policies and compliance to international conventions have been applied to improve oil spill response efforts in the region but adherence and implementation is often lacking. There is a greater need for industry and government to come together and support R&D efforts for processes and equipment that are more suitable to the regionís requirements.

Exxon Valdezís accident in 1989 and BPís Macondo oil spill in 2010 have been an eye-opener for the oil industry world-wide. Both incidents showcased not only human lapses, but also how a lack of preparedness can cause major damage to the marine ecology. Both incidents brought forth political, legal and technical opportunities to prevent such major incidents in the future and better tackle when such incidents do occur.

The Oil Spill Preparedness, Response and Recovery MENA 2013 Conference will bring together all key industry players who will address common challenges with respect to political co-operations and legal aspects to prevent and respond to oil spills. They will also update themselves about new technologies by hearing case-studies from around the world and learn how they can apply these to minimise the adverse effect on the environment.

For more information on the conference agenda and speaker line-up, simply download the event brochure, email enquiry@iqpc.ae  or phone +971 4 364 2975.

Benefits of attending:
Bring about a cultural change in your organisation focusing on health, safety and environment
Develop the competencies of your staff for better preparedness and prevention of oil spills
Gain exposure to international projects and best practices to improve the HSE&Q ratings of your oil spill prevention and response programmes
Learn about the latest technology advancements and R&D efforts to stay abreast with the global HSE industry
Meet and greet HSE&Q experts from the regionís oil and gas industry
Understand current oil spill prevention and response market trends and dynamics
Network with key players from local government authorities and national and international oil and gas companies and build your business connections with industry leaders
And much more!

Who is attending and who will you meet?
This conference will provide a unique opportunity to meet and hear from senior regional and international figures spanning heads of government authorities, HSE&Q, marine, logistics, engineering, supply chain, projects and commercial from:

NOCs and IOCs
Vessel owners and operators
Port management companies
Tanker companies
EPC contractors
Environmental and emergency response consultants
Emergency response companies
Environmental restoration companies
Spill management companies
Spill product manufacturers
Remote sensing and monitoring companies
Emergency training and policy development companies

To register your interest of attending the event, please visit http://www.oilspillmena.com/default.aspx?utm_campaign=iq_eventlist&utm_medium=iq_partner&utm_source=oilandgasiq.com&utm_content=Oil_Spill_728x90&utm_term=banner&MAC=OGIQ_Banner_728_2010

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