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Author Topic: Automatic Leak Detection System by Using Radio Remote Control Technology  (Read 964 times)

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During these days, pipelines are the most common in different industries such as mineral oil, gases and other fluid products. As a means of long distance transport, pipelines need to be made with proper safety, reliability and efficiency. Most pipelines, regardless of what they contain are designed with a typical life span of many years. However, when they do begin to fail, they do so gradually beginning with leaks at poor structure joints, corrosion points and small structural material cracks and gradually development to a catastrophic ending.

In today's technological era remote control technology is used in all industrial sectors.  Actually the time and effort required to detect or monitor for compressed air leakages often means that it's a low priority. These wireless remote controllers are used to control automation leak detection systems.

But there are other reasons for leak disaster such as accidents, terror, sabotage, or theft.  Basically automatic leak detection systems have the advantages that they can enhance productivity and increase reliability about the system. Therefore, automatic leak detection systems are an important aspect of pipeline technology as well as industrial sectors. Actually a fully automatic leak detection system is used for propane and anhydrous ammonia transports. And this system has been designed and tested by design certified Engineers to meet the compliance requirements of U. S HM225A and Canadian B620 regulations.

Basically the low powered intrinsically safe control unit continually monitors all piping and hose assemblies during the off-loading or loading process. A failed pipe, or hose separation will cause the tank's internal valve to close instantly and sound an audible air-horn alarm. A simple reset button returns the units to the monitoring state.

Automation leak detectors are used in a wide range of industrial sectors. Vacuum process tools require leak checking in preventive maintenance or in case of unexpected failure. Quality control of production parts and assemblies requires detection and location of leaks in many products from individual components to sub-assemblies to completed systems. The leak detectors assure the leak integrity of your parts and assemblies, whether you require qualitative and quantitative testing. You can also build a leak detector in to your process systems for on going leak free integrity using the VS C15 component leak detector.

There are some advantages of automatic leak detection systems. These are:

It can detect air leakages as and when they occur, even on a daily basis.

It can confirm the exact value of the leak.

Not only that, it can provide maintenance personal with a detailed report on where the leakage are located without the need to detect individual components.

It can operate and detect leakages even when the machine is in operation.

Be integrated in the machine's even software without the need for any external supervision system.

Adewale Odubiyi
Owner, Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum

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