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Author Topic: Who Told Governor to Open His Pocket?  (Read 882 times)

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Who Told Governor to Open His Pocket?
« on: May 02, 2013, 03:29:00 PM »

Wonders will never end in this Nigeria. I am sure you have heard the latest story, more evidence of the very high disparity between crime and punishment in Nigeria. Two days ago, a High Court judge in The State of Osun sentenced 31 year-old ex-convict Kelvin Igha Igbodalo to a total 45 years in jail for stealing a telephone handset belonging to Governor Rauf Aregbesola. Even though the many sentences are to run concurrently, the young man will spend a minimum of 10 years in jail. Actually, he only recently came out of the Ikoyi Prison, having done a 6 year time there on a murder rap.

I know that telephone handsets are being stolen everyday in Nigeria these days. Anyone who forgets his phone in a public place for a few minutes, including in mosques and churches, will have it spirited away by a modern-day Good Samaritan who must "liberate it from redundancy," as university students used to say in the olden days. There are a lot of clever young men these days who wake up in the morning and head to any crowded place they can find, be it a market, a mosque, a church or the venue of a seminar in order to liberate other people's telephones from redundancy. Therefore, anybody who goes to such places must have both hands in his pockets to closely guard his phones.

Which brings me to the case of Governor Rauf Aregbesola. The theft was said to have occurred at the Osun State Technical College Sports Ground in Osogbo on November 24, 2010, the day Aregbesola was sworn in as governor after the Court of Appeal took the juicy seat away from PDP's Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola and awarded it to him. Aregbesola knew that thousands of people will be there at the Sports Ground to watch the historic ceremony. He knew that, yet he went there with his pockets wide open? He was probably wearing a traditional Yoruba sokoto with its wide side pockets, completely unguarded, as if he was going to a sedate meeting of community elders. So it was easy for Igbodalo to dip his hands into Aregbesola's pocket and retrieve a Sony Erickson handset. Whose fault was that? Who told Aregbesola to leave his pockets wide open because he was jubilant and carried away by his court victory [aided by Salami, according to PDP partisans].

Even the people that convict Igbodalo was said to have duped using the stolen phone, what was his fault there? The prosecutors said that he used the stolen phone to dupe the Owa-Obokun of Ijeshaland, His Royal Majesty Oba Gabriel Adekunle Aromolaran of N500,000 which "he obtained under false pretence." Which false pretence? Are you saying His Majesty hurriedly parted with half a million because he received a text message emanating from the new governor's phone number? Did His Majesty stop to ask himself why a man who just inherited a rich state treasury complete with a fat security vote will ask a mere traditional ruler to give him money, a mere half a million naira?

In any case, why didn't this judge take his cue from his colleague Justice Talba of the Federal High Court Abuja who fined pension thief John Yakubu Yusuf a paltry N750,000 for stealing billions of naira? He jailed Kelvin 45 years for stealing a telephone, for that matter from a man who was too excited to close his pockets. Something does not add up here.

This woman, please go in peace

I am sending this plea to "Mrs." May Brown in Weymouth, Dorset, England on behalf of all Nigerians: if you prefer to abandon the land of your parents and live there among the Whitemen, please go and do so quietly but don't smear our names for your own selfish ends.

According to this 19-year-old, she "fled Nigeria" for the UK, "after witnessing her father's murder and being subjected to sexual abuse." In order to dupe the Brits to let her stay, she "met and married" a Briton, Michael Brown last November. It looks however like the Brits became wise to the ploy. The UK Border Agency grabbed May, declared that her marriage to Brown was "a sham with no emotional attachment" and were about to put her on the first available plane to Nigeria. She then staged a "collapse" in the bathroom after taking a drug overdose. She said if she is sent back to Nigeria, she will "be subjected to torture and undignified death."

Adewale Odubiyi
Owner, Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum

Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum

Who Told Governor to Open His Pocket?
« on: May 02, 2013, 03:29:00 PM »


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