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Author Topic: RRS Arrest Notorious Fraudsters, Including A Lady In Lagos  (Read 372 times)

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RRS Arrest Notorious Fraudsters, Including A Lady In Lagos
« on: January 16, 2017, 12:19:57 PM »

Men of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) have arrested a man, who is alleged to be the kingpin of a syndicate that specialises in defrauding people.

Segun Akintola, popularly known as Okadigbo, was apprehended by the RRS Decoy Team in his shrine at Ijora area of Lagos over his involvement with the fraud gang.

The syndicate duped a woman in Ikorodu last year.

Preliminary investigation conducted by RRS showed that Okadigbo is the arrow head of different syndicates of fraudsters operating in Lagos and parts of Ogun states.

Until his arrest, four of his accomplices earlier arrested by the operatives of RRS had given him out as their ring–leader.

The operatives were reported to have been on the lookout for him since last year.

Okadigbo confessed to RRS that he is a fraudster, but denied being the syndicate leader. He told the operatives that he pretended to be an herb seller to deceive his victims.

RRS quoted him as saying: “It is true they used my shrine. They bring their victims but everybody operated on their own.

“Although, the fake dollar they use is mine but I don’t know anything about their operation. I operated by selling herbs to people looking for children. I do spiritual bath for clients and defraud them.”

A gang member, Christian Odokor, in his confessional statement said:
“We robbed a woman about a year ago. We took all she had including N300,000 cash and recharge cards of all networks worth N120,000. Okadigbo is our master.

“All of us, about nine groups that I know report to him. We operated in different parts of the state. He is so powerful and fiery that no policeman dare arrest him. Now, I was shocked seeing him here with us in your custody.”

The female member of the team, Toyin Idebi, said greed made her joined the gang two years ago.

Idebi said: “I was a stylist and doing well before I joined them. I like how they were spending money on women. Initially, they were reluctant to tell me their nature of their job. They just told me they were into import and export business. Later, one of them opened up and I joined them”.

“My main job was to act as someone who was carrying foreign currencies who didn’t know her destination. Though, those currencies were fake but I didn’t know how Okadigbo got them.”

Recounting her ordeal, the victim, Joy, said:
“A woman flagged me down last Wednesday on my way to market. When I saw the woman sitting and calling passengers I never thought otherwise. Immediately I hopped in and sat down beside her. I saw three other men inside the car.

“Suddenly as we were progressing, the woman begged me to help her with my phone to make calls. She said she had no call card on hers. She made two separate calls. As we moved on, the driver detoured to an unknown destination.

“I asked the driver where he was taken me to, he didn’t respond. Suddenly, he pulled over in the middle of the way and pointed a gun at me. The woman showed me knife. They ransacked my bag and removed the whole money with the recharge cards and sped off.”

Police spokesperson SP Dolapo Badmus said the suspects have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigation.

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Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum

RRS Arrest Notorious Fraudsters, Including A Lady In Lagos
« on: January 16, 2017, 12:19:57 PM »


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