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Author Topic: Nigeria: Historic Day As Attah Igala Gets Staff of Office  (Read 829 times)

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Nigeria: Historic Day As Attah Igala Gets Staff of Office
« on: April 28, 2013, 09:28:17 PM »
Historic! That's a phrase that superlatively described the installation of office to the newly crowned Attah Igala, His Royal Highness Prince Michael Idakwo Ameh Oboni.

The new Attah was yesterday presented with his staff of office and officially installed as the Chairman of Kogi State Council of Chiefs by the state governor, Capt Idris Wada, in Idah, amidst pomp and pageantry. According to the Igala people, the occasion is significant and momentous because it is coming 56 years after the installation of the last Attah, and most importantly, the exercise was performed by an Igala son unlike the event of 1957 which was conducted by the British colonial administrators.

Besides, our reporter who was at the palace of Attah Igala at Idah observed on Friday, eve of the installation ceremony, that the palace was wearing a new look, while the people were buoyant and joyous.

Visitor and wisher from far and near troop to palace to give good will message and felicitate with the new Attah who the people see as their messiah.

Chief Jacob Ocheni Odiba (JP), Odumata Igala said the throne of the Attah Igala is supreme, as it is regarded as the god of Igalas, saying that he is the voice and everything of the Igala race.

"The throne was established in the early 16th century. It has a lot of significant in the life of Igala people both home and abroad; it signifies the supremacy and the unity of the Igala people. The Attah is recognized in all activities that move within the Igala kingdom," he said.

According to him, the people of Igala see the Attah Igala as next to God as he is the father of all Igalas.

Though Michael Amoboni has been crowned in accordance to traditional rites but what was witnessed yesterday was the presentation of staff of office to be given to him by the state government.

According to him, the staff of office symbolizes the administrative authority of the Igala kingdom, saying it would give him the whole authority to work administratively with both the federal, state and local governments.

"The expectation of the Igala people from the new Attah is very high hence people are trooping to the palace in their thousands to witness the event which they have not seen in the last 57 years. It's once in a lifetime event and this is the reason why all Igala people want to be part of history," said Odumata.

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Nigeria: Historic Day As Attah Igala Gets Staff of Office
« on: April 28, 2013, 09:28:17 PM »


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