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Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum is a community dedicated to providing first hand information on the fundamentals, improvements, forecasts, expectations and opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry.

With an unreserved focus on Nigeria and other countries in the world, Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum aims at spreading the news, providing relevant information, educating the world, facilitating ideas aimed at the growth of our content readers and visitors as well as disseminating information about job opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum an initiative of Globalinks Inc., was borne out of a strong desire to provide information and ultimately empower young youths, prospective and current professionals in the Oil & Gas Industry and the general public alike.

At Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum, our highly esteemed visitors and members are sure of a common platform where everyone in and outside the Oil & Gas Industry can actually interact and share opinion and ideas with the overall aim of keeping and improving the shape of the Oil & Gas Industry.

Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum is also an ideal platform for unemployed graduates, artisans and professionals with access to the internet to obtain adequate and timely information about open and available job opportunities that match your skill-set in the Oil & Gas Industry all over the world with special focus on Nigeria and Africa.

Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum also offers opportunities for Engineering, Project Management, Oil & Gas training institutions and businesses to take advantage of our large audience and advertise / publicize their products and services and thus increase their customer base. As a website owner, you can also announce your web presence to the world by taking advantage of our advertising program 

You also have the liberty of visiting our contact page here to let us know how you feel 

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As a policy, we do not allow guests to view any of our links in this forum. If and when you make that important decision to have a membership account with us, please follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the register link at the upper part of this page or anywhere else you see the login or register link.
  • There you are allowed to either register manually using you email address or register using your preferred social network. This is to allow for proper security as no spam is allowed on this forum 
  • Please note that registration requires a reCaptcha verification to show that you are human and not a bot as well as an email verification.
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  • Should you run into any problems in the process of registration, Please feel free to contact us here. We will only be glad to help you out.

From all of us at Nigeria Oil & Gas Forum, we want to welcome you once again and wish you a happy surfing.

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